Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pledging Alpha Kappa Psi Changes Your College Experience

The only way to understand how much pledging can influence your college experience is to pledge. The Alpha Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Florida strives to shape pledges into professional brothers who will positively influence the business world. The process aims to improve interviewing and public speaking skills, and to make networking connections that will continue into future careers. This semester we have compiled quotes from current pledges describing the pledging process and how the process has affected them personally.

"My favorite part of pledging so far has been having the incredible opportunity to make bonds that will last for a lifetime."- William Wu

"I think that I have most improved on my confidence and public speaking."- Sabreena Davidson

"My favorite part of pledging has been meeting so many new, ambitious and diverse group[s] of people. I have loved watching how our pledge class has grown and the family we have created."- Justine Gordon

"I've learned so much through the pledging process. Alpha Kappa Psi has prepared me for such a wide variety of professional experiences that I am confident in my ability to surpass any competition for future interviews and endeavors."- Kelsie Ozanne

Pledge Retreat Spring 2014

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